US Offers $10m Reward for Hive Ransomware Leaders

$10m Reward for Hive Ransomware Leaders:

The state department has recently offered a reward worth up to $10m for any information that could lead to the identification of the operators of Hive Ransomware. Furthermore, an extra $5 million is being offered for information leading to the apprehension or conviction of anyone who is engaged or is trying to engage with Hive Ransomware activities.

About a year ago, law enforcement agencies launched a covert operation. They not only infiltrated the organization but also destroyed the Hive ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) group darknet infrastructure. Law enforcement agencies are trying to put an end the the ransomware group once and for all. In an attempt to capture the individuals involved in the creation or distribution of the ransomware, the US Offers a $10m Reward for Hive Ransomware Leaders. Reportedly, In December 2023, a person with ties to the Hive Ransomware group was detained in Paris.

The US Offers a $10m Reward for Hive Ransomware Leaders

About Hive Ransomware

Hive Ransomware first surfaced in mid-2021. With over 1,500 victims from more than 80 different countries, the Ransomware group made approximately $100 million worth of illicit profits by forcing victims to pay ransom for decryption of their files. According to the BitDefender report, Hive Ransomware source code and infrastructure were sold to a new Ransomware group called Hunters International, in November 2023.

About Hunters International:

During the investigation, Netenrich security researcher Rakesh Krishnan found some evidence pointing Hunters International to Nigeria. One particular name “Olowo Kehinde” surfaced in the investigation and is found to be a resident of Nigeria. However, it is quite possible that the attackers are using fake identities to mislead law enforcement agencies and avoid getting caught.

According to information gathered by Netenrich security researcher Rakesh Krishnan, there is some evidence that suggests the threat actors associated are likely based in Nigeria, specifically an individual named Olowo Kehinde. However, it is possible that the attackers are disguising their true origins by adopting a false persona.

The ransomware group made a big turnaround in the 2023 review collecting about $1.1 billion in extortion in cryptocurrency from victims.

Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite, Jr. of the Justice Department stated that their efforts have saved victims about a hundred mill dollars in extortion. This move shows how dedicated the Department of Justice is to providing cybersecurity to the communities.

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) claims that Hive Ransomware affiliates target victim networks using different malevolent techniques and more specifically by sending spam emails attached with malicious documents and codes.

According to Unit 42, ransomware groups like Cl0p have exploited zero-day vulnerabilities to infect systems and encrypt files to force victims to pay ransom money.


This is a big step against Ransomware operators. The government is taking people’s privacy and data security seriously. The US Offers a $10m Reward for Hive Ransomware Leaders and is sticking to no tolerance for Ransomware. Attackers are getting more and more ruthless, they don’t just force the victim to pay for ransomware, but sometimes also sell victims’ data. Most of the time the hackers stop replying to victims as soon as the payment is made. They do not restore encrypted files. Ransomware viruses are the biggest threat to our privacy.


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