Trojan:Win64/Rugmi!M Virus Removal Guide

What is Trojan:Win64/Rugmi!M?

Trojan:Win64/Rugmi!M is a dangerous computer virus classified as Trojan. This perilous threat is designed by hackers to intrude on the targeted computer and steal the personal information of users. It can damage the entire computer system and bring other harmful threats to the infected PC. Threats like this are designed to intrude and open backdoor communication channels for hackers. If this malware anyhow manages to enter your machine then it can transmit all your personal information to a remote server.

Threats like Trojan:Win64/Rugmi!M virus are mostly used to attack computers remotely and gain access to all the servers and mainframes. The name Trojan horse is quite suitable for malware according to its behaviors. It can disable your defenses and execute several malicious processes in the background that will cripple your entire machine. It will destroy your system from inside out and when you find out about this Trojan:Win64/Rugmi!M infection it will be too late for your regular anti-virus application to remove it completely.

Threat Summary

Name Trojan:Win64/Rugmi!M
Type Malware, Email Virus
Category Trojan
Status Active and dangerous
Danger Laval High (Steal passwords, personal details, banking info, etc., and share with hackers.)
Symptoms Slow system response, frequent system crashes, boot errors, etc.
Description It can download and execute severe malware on your Computer including Ransomware
Distribution Email scooping, software bundling, social engineering, network sharing, etc.
Infected OS All versions of Windows OS-based computers including, XP, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1 & 10 and 11 PC.
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How does your PC get infected?

Trojan:Win64/Rugmi!M mostly delivered through malicious websites that carry harmful codes. When you click on any suspicious link, misleading ads, offers, banners, or pop-ups and your browser gets redirected to a phishing scam site, this type of malware can sneak into your system. It could get spread through spam emails, bundled freeware or shared, cracked software, illegal patches, and fake software updates. Porn or torrent websites also cause unwanted redirection of your browser on malicious web pages that could be used by hackers to spread threats like Trojan:Win64/Rugmi!M virus.


How Trojan:Win64/Rugmi!M Operates:

You should be very careful around the Internet because these days hackers waiting with hooks at every dark corner of the web. Once this infection gets installed, it could replicate itself inside your computer and spread its copies at different locations on your system with different names. It could also install some malicious programs on your computer with false names to hide its identity. This nasty Trojan virus can create some new registry keys and add itself to the startup application to get automatically started whenever you reboot your machine.

Some severe threats often come back on the infected PC if all its core files and malicious codes are not completely removed. We recommend you scan your PC for threats with SpyHunter 5 Anti-Malware. It can save you lots of time and effort.

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