Trojan:Win32/PrivacyCenter Virus Removal Guide

What is Trojan:Win32/PrivacyCenter?

Trojan:Win32/PrivacyCenter is a perilous computer virus that belongs to Trojan horse family. It is a dangerous intruder that can silently invade your Windows PC without permission. It can alter your computer security and conduct several malignant activities on your machine. What’s more, Trojan:Win32/PrivacyCenter virus mostly gets spread through spam tricks. Once inside, it can block your anti-virus and firewall security. You will start getting several errors and problems on your computer.


This nasty virus will crash your browser, block legitimate programs, and delete important files. It can create several copies and spread them into your system at different locations. Trojan:Win32/PrivacyCenter virus will also bring several threats and malware to your system without permission. Moreover, it will completely mess with your system settings and working that will downgrade your PC performance. Your computer will start running very slowly and often get unresponsive.

Threat Summary

Name Trojan:Win32/PrivacyCenter
Type Virus, Malware
Category Trojan Horse
Symptoms Slow system response, boot errors, termination of ongoing tasks, frequent system crashes, unresponsive programs, etc.
Description Disable system security measures and execute malicious task in system background.
Distribution Spam emails attached with malicious documents, software bundling, network sharing, social engineering, etc.
Infected OS It can infect all versions of Windows OS-based computers.
Danger Laval Extremely Dangerous (Steal confidential information like passwords, banking info, personal details, etc, and may share it with the hackers.)
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Trojan:Win32/PrivacyCenter virus mostly gets distributed through spam emails, bundled freeware, suspicious websites, peer-to-peer file sharing infected USB drives, and other methods. This notorious threat will hide deep into your system due to which it is not an easy take to detect and remove this infection. It can also connect to a remote server and download harmful threats, spyware, Malware, etc. on your computer without your knowledge. Additinally, Trojan:Win32/PrivacyCenter virus will entirely damage your computer to fulfill its criminal goals.

It can create new registry entries and also modify DNS settings to control Internet connection. Trojan:Win32/PrivacyCenter virus can record your keystrokes, online behavior, sites you visit most frequently, and gather your personal information. It can steal your personal and sensitive information without permission and send it to hackers for illegal activities and cyber offenses. It can also open a backdoor on your machine to provide safe and illegal remote access to your PC to cyber crooks. So it is advised to completely remove Trojan:Win32/PrivacyCenter from your system.

Typical behavior of Trojan:Win32/PrivacyCenter Virus

  1. Silently intrude on your computer without permission.
  2. Disable your anti-virus and firewall security.
  3. Creates a backdoor in the compromised system allowing other threats to infect your PC easily.
  4. Show various unwanted and useless pop-up ads.
  5. Use your computer for click fraud without your consent.
  6. Mislead victims to phishing and malicious websites.
  7. Record your keystrokes and the sites you visit.
  8. Collect your personal information and send it to remote hackers.
  9. Suggest fake updates containing malware for download.
  10. Give remote access to your system to hackers.

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