Remove XSSLite Stealer Trojan (Virus Rmeoval Guide)

XSSLite  is another harmful information stealer used by Hackers. Initially written in C# (C-Sharp) programming language, another version of XSSLite was detected written in C++ as well. This threat is been used is several malicious campaign by different hacking groups.  It uses DLL side-loading mechanism to infiltrate targeted computers and also deploys several anti-detection techniques to steal data from targeted computer without getting detected.

What is XSSLite?

XSSLite is a very harmful and nasty Trojan spyware infection. It can secretly enter your computer and leads to major destruction. This virus has been detected by various security vendors who reported it as stealthy.

It will hide deep into your machine and modify several Windows settings. It can also alter your DNS records and add new registry entries without permission.

The most worst part is, XSSLite virus can steal confidential data from compromised computer. Once infected, it contaminate all known web bowsers on infected PC. It will install its malicious extensions and plugin in your browser and start collecting your keystrokes.

Anything and everything you type in your PC will be recorded by XSSLite virus. It will also monitor your browsing history, steal login credentials, credit and debit card number, banking details, name, address, and other personal information.

It also download and execute other malware including Ransomware. We have done a full research about this infection and we will help you to remove this infection swiftly from your system.

Threat Summary

Name XSSLite
Type Information stealing malware, Spyware
Category Trojan 
Detection Name AhnLab:V3Trojan/Win.Generic.C5592697, Antiy-AVL: Trojan[PSW]/MSIL.AgentSee, Avast: Win32:PWSX-gen [Trj], AVG: Win32:PWSX-gen [Trj], ESET-NOD32: MSIL/Spy.Agent.EUO), Microsoft: Trojan:Win32/Znyonm, Kaspersky: HEUR:Trojan-PSW.MSIL.Agent.gen, Detection list: VirusTotal.
Description Silently infiltrates targeted computer and steal victims confidential and sensitive information.
Distribution Phishing and social englineering tactics, spam emails attachments, software bundling, network sharing, etc.
Danger Laval Extremely Dangerous (Disable anti-malware and other security measures)
Removal Download SpyHunter 5 Anti-Malware Now

How XSSLite Virus Works:

XSSLite is a dangerous malware infection which can easily get executed when you visit any malicious or compromised website that host javascript files. When that malicious script runs, it will take full control over your browser and show some kind of scary alert on your screen.

This dubious threat is able to infected all versions of Windows computers including Windows 10. Apart from this, XSSLite virus can infect all your main browsers like Google Chrome, MS Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera etc.

This nasty Trojan virus normally runs in background, so you won’t be able to find out about this infection until its shows those errors. Meanwhile you will experience some lagging in system speed, slow Internet, corrupt files and freezing applications.

XSSLite Stealer

Once inside your computer, XSSLite virus can bring threats like backdoor Trojan, worms, Ransomware and others. It will disable your regular anti-virus and firewall security. Suddenly will find out that all your files are encrypted by a nasty Ransomware that will demand ransom money to release your files.

Therefore, it is very necessary to regularly update your anti-virus program and scan your PC fro threats like this. If you already take those measures then it is possible that your security application can detect this threat.

Be advised XSSLite virus can detected and identified by different names which completely depends on your anti-virus programs. Most of the security vendors detect same threats with different names, so there is no need to worry.

How XSSLite Enter Your PC

Makers of XSSLite virus take precautionary measures to safely drop this threat into your system. Spam email attachments are the most common way of intruding any malware on the targeted machine.

You might got lots of unknown emails, most of them could get marked as spam emails by your email providers. Have you ever consider why they get marked? mails with contain unknown attachments are the best and most easy way to drop a malware.

When you open your emails you might find various emails with offers, tax refunds, delivery report, credit card charges, lottery results, gift cards etc. from unknown senders. These could be the courier for the malware so never open any attachment with scanning it first.

Apart from this bundled freeware software, infected external hard drives or pen drives, malicious webpages, hacked websites are also easy ways to spread malware. It is very important to stay alert while surfing online or downloading any free programs.

Cracked software, nulled themes, shareware programs, cheat codes apps, hack software are more likely to bring others threats and malware like XSSLite on the system.

Some severe threats often come back on the infected PC if all its core files and malicious codes are not completely removed. We recommend you scan your PC for threats with SpyHunter 5 Anti-Malware. It can save you lots of time and effort.

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