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My Windows PC is infected by virus. It constantly redirects my browser to its own webpage. When I open my browser, I find my search engine and homepage is modified automatically. It is showing unrealistic results and lots of unwanted advertisements. I am unable to access any other website and my browser crashed at some intervals. I don’t have any idea about this fake search engine. Please provide a complete method to get rid of permanently. is considered a phishing domain that belongs to the browser hijacker community. It pretends to be a genuine search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and MSN. It will appear on your browsing screen and change search results. Additionally, it will keep redirecting your browser to unknown websites without your permission. It will deliver lots of annoying pop-ups, ads, banners, deals, offers, etc. on your computer screen. virus is a deceptive computer infection created and distributed by hackers to make illegal profit. The main purpose of virus is to redirect web traffic on its partner websites and earn a commission for its creators. Furthermore, it can bring malicious threats to your PC by redirecting your browser to harmful websites. It will completely destroy your entire computer to achieve its goal.

Threat Summary

Malware Type Browser Redirect Virus, Fake search engine.
Category browser hijacker
Danger level High (generate fake search results and mislead users to malicious websites.)
Symptoms Generate fake search results, show fake ads, annoying pop-up, browser redirection, etc.
Distribution Methods include spam email attachments, software bundling, social engineering etc.
Removal Download SpyHunter 5 Anti-malware

How VIrus

Once infected, virus will hijack working browsers on the infected PC. It simply hijacks browsers. It will make several unauthorized changes in your browser settings and replace your default search engine. Whenever you try to search anything on your browser, it will show you a fake search result. The top 5 or 6 results for your query will be generated by this annoying malware. Clicking such search results will take you to spam or phishing sites.

Site prompted by, pays a high CTR to the hackers for illegal traffic. These sites are created to steal users’ confidential information like banking details, social media details, passwords, etc., and download malware on your PC. Visiting such a phishing site can be a serious risk to your privacy which could lead the victims to unforeseen circumstances including identity theft or online scam. Therefore, it would be sensible to get rid of this notorious browser infection at the earliest.

Is Dangrous?

Unlike genuine search engines, is actually a malicious tactic to promote malicious programs and convince users to install its free version. It mostly gets distributed via spam emails, suspicious links, bundled freeware, shareware, porn or torrent websites. Once installed on your computer, it can easily hijack your main browsers such as Google, Chrome, IE, Edge, Opera, Firefox, and others. virus will disable your anti-virus and firewall security to make your system vulnerable. It will introduce more dangerous threats in the system instead of providing protection. It is also possible that it will affect the working of other installed programs and make them completely inaccessible. makes several changes in your system settings and hence it makes your system vulnerable for severe damage. So, do not trust any of the alerts displayed by and try to remove its presence completely from your PC.

Some severe threats often come back on the infected PC if all its core files and malicious codes are not completely removed. We recommend you scan your PC for threats with SpyHunter 5 Anti-Malware. It can save you lots of time and effort.

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