Mango File Virus (Mango Ransomware) Removal + Decrypt Files

..Mango is another malicious extension used by Phobos ransomware. It encrypts victims’ data by adding a very strange extension. The extension contains a unique victim ID followed by an email address that belongs to the hackers and lastly the extension .mango. For example, an image file is saved by the name “myimage.png” and will become myimage.png,id[9ECFA84E-3316].[duckjahana@onionmail.com].mango. After encryption, it demands ransom money using ransom notes called (info.txt). The ransom note will be dropped on the victim’s desktop in local drives that contain encrypted files. Victims might also see ransom demands as pop-up windows named (info.hta)

What is Mango?

Mango files virus is a new version of a well-known and dangerous file locker virus Phobos Ransomware. There is a thing with the new version of the viruses that they carry all the properties of their previous variants combined with the latest tricks. It means it is now more dangerous than before and probably more aggressive. Mango Ransomware might be handled by the same group of hackers or any other team or an individual.

The main thing is it is a completely new malware that was revived again with the sole purpose of making illegal profit. This new Mango Ransomware spreads quickly and infects all versions of Windows OS. It encrypts all your files using a powerful algorithm and add “.Mango” extension to the end of all your files.

Mango Files Virus: Threat Summary

 Name Mango Ransomware
 Type Ransomware, Cryptovirus
 Extension .Mango
 Family Phobos Ransomware
Ransom Note info.hta, info.txt
Contact duckjahana@onionmail.com, @santasupp (Telegram)
 Symptoms Encrypt files and demand ransom money through ransom notes.
 Distribution  Spam Emails, software bundling, pop-up ads, porn or torrent sites
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After encrypting your data, Mango files virus will leave ransom notes (info.txt) on your system that contain all the information about the attack. It will explain in detail what happened to your files, and what you should now to get your files back. Actually this malware only wants your money which is why it has already encrypted your data.

More About info.txt

Mango Ransomware will ask you to pay the ransom money within a given time or the decryption key will be deleted. As it is a risky matter and you don’t want to hurry so must calculate all the possibilities. It is quite obvious that Mango virus Ransomware is a harmful malware that could easily degrade your system.

Its evil activities are not only limited to encrypting your data, it could also damage your entire system. It can bring more threats to your system by redirecting your browser to a malicious website. This perilous threat could disable your anti-virus programs which makes your system really vulnerable to other threats and viruses.

Mango files virus

Mango files virus – Distribution and Working

This nasty Mango file Ransomware could be delivered to the targeted computer in a number of ways. Hackers keep inventing new ways to infect computers because security companies keep updating their databases to block malware intrusions.

This particular threat could be dropped on your system through spam emails sent by hackers which contain malicious codes or attachments. When you open such email in your system then threats embedded easily slip into your system and get installed.

This noxious Mango files virus can also spread through bundled freeware programs, suspicious or phishing websites, shareware programs, porn or torrent sites, and other lucrative methods. After intrusion, it will destroy your system. It can add itself as a default program and it can also create a new registry key to get started automatically.

If your computer is already infected then you need to find a way to remove Mango files virus. You can’t pay money to hackers because it will not guarantee the full decryption of your files. It might be possible that after getting you it will never give you a decryption key. Even if they provide you the key It might not decrypt all encrypted files. So it is not safe to pay because it could also risk your banking information.

But you can delete Mango Ransomware virus from your system and then try to recover your files through alternative methods. Many people have already got their files using data recovery software but. However, the ransomware must be removed or it will again encrypt your data again. Follow the given instructions to completely remove Mango files virus from your computer.

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