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LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 Email Scam (Removal Guide)

LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 is a deceptive email sent by cybercriminals to scam innocent users with a lottery scam. It claims to be the United Nations Framework Convention on Nations (UNFCCC) jackpot draw claiming that the recipient of the lottery won the prize money €4,350,000 in a lucky draw. It asks the recipient to contact the foreign representative (MIGUEL SERRANO) of ZOHOLE ABOGADOS S.L. ESPAÑA through phone or email before February 16, 2024. Contact details will be mentioned in the email.

Details About LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 Email

To understand LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 scam better let’s take a look at LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 email. The email is typed in the German language, and it starts with a formal congratulatory greeting. It congratulates the recipient for winning the jackpot draw. Furthermore, it claims that the United Nations Framework Convention on Nations (UNFCCC) has conducted this lucky draw through a computer survey and you have won You won €4,350,000.

LOTERIA NAVIDAD email further states that your jackpot prize got to the European office in Spain and the regional office in Spain should communicate to you regarding cashing your prize money. It also mentions that the application to cash your prize will need to be submitted before February 16, 2024 otherwise the prize will expire. It try to convince you to contact MIGUEL SERRANO the foreign representative of ZOHOLE ABOGADOS.

LOTERIA NAVIDAD email also includes an application for withdrawing the prize money. The application requires the recipient to fill in personal and financial details including Full Name, Address, Postal Code, Email, D.O.B, Phone No., Bank Account Number, etc. In other words, all the information required to steal money from your bank account. Hackers will use this information to change your password and steal money from your account.



LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 a phishing Email scam virus is a by-product of dangerous Trojan malware that can invade your system secretly and expose your privacy. The thought of your computer being under attack by a notorious file-stealing Trojan malware is scary enough to shake down any computer users especially when they have something valuable stored on their machine.

Hackers take advantage of the innocence of the user and force them into paying extra cash through BitCoin as ransom money using fake allegations and blackmail schemes. These kinds of blackmailing incidents are increasing these days because every cyber crook is looking to make some fast cash by deceiving innocent users.

In the case of LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 email virus, users got a scary email from a hacker claiming that he has infected the users with its Trojan virus that has given access to their files and also made a video of the victim masturbating while watching porn. Hackers threaten to release that video on social media and share it with all the contacts, friends, and family of the victim if he does not receive the ransom amount in his Bitcoin wallet.

Threat Description

Threat Name LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 Email
Threat Type Email Scam
Category Trojan
Scam Type Lottery Jackpot prize money worth €4,350,000.
Attached File GLÜCKWUNSCH.jpg
Disguise United Nations Framework Convention on Nations (UNFCCC)
Contact Details MIGUEL SERRANO the foreign representative of ZOHOLE ABOGADOS

  • Telephone: 34 612 223 813
  • Email: Email:
Working Steal passwords, personal details, banking info, etc., and share with hackers.
Common Symptoms Spam emails, Slow PC, freezing computer, unresponsive programs, etc.
Threat Description It is a deceptive email, that tries to scam users with fake lottery prizes. 
Danger Level Very High (It can scam users and can download Ransomware to your PC) 
Removal Method Download SpyHunter 5 Anti-malware

Working of LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 Virus

Now as scary as it sounds, LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 is just an online scam. Hacker claims that your computer was infected when you were browsing malicious or pornographic websites. According to him, that Trojan virus has hacked your webcam to make your video, so why is it that you have no proof of that video in the email? Your system may be infected by some Trojan virus that has given some of your details to hackers, but it does not mean hacker has any video of you.

LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 email is just a scary technique used by hackers that you will pay the money thinking that if that video goes out, you will lose your reputation but LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 virus has no video. Once you pay, the hacker will keep asking for money again and again. Apart from this, as long you allow this malware to stay inside your computer, it will keep creating new problems, so it is quite necessary to remove any or all threats hiding in your machine.

Threats like LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 virus mostly intrude on your computer due to careless web browsing and freeware program downloads. Hackers mostly use spam email tricks to share threats to attack a large number of potential victims at once. Browsing to porn or torrent websites could also cause infection because hackers use these platforms to share malware.

LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 can also easily get into your system when you download freeware programs, cracked software, or illegal patches from shady websites to save money. Piracy of any kind of digital product is illegal but hackers share free versions of paid stuff online attached with malicious codes so that users find and install the malware themselves. You need to be smart and careful if you want to avoid this kind of malware attack in the future.

How To Deal Email Virus

As LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 virus has already infected your system, then its elimination is quite important. It might not have your video but still, it can do pretty much damage to your machine. It can bring other threats and malware to your system, show annoying ads and fake warning alerts, and redirect your browser to malicious websites to bring more threats.

This deceptive email can help cybercriminals to hack your webcam and provide remote access to your system to hackers with your knowledge. It can hijack your browser and record your online activities to steal your personal information including ID, password, social media login details, credit card number, IP address, etc., and send it to hackers.

LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 email can allow cyber criminals to access your system remotely by opening a backdoor on your computer. It is needless to say that this dubious threat is a damn big threat to system security and privacy. You are advised to remove LOTERIA NAVIDAD 2023 virus from your computer as soon as possible.

Some severe threats often come back on the infected PC if all its core files and malicious codes are not completely removed. We recommend you scan your PC for threats with SpyHunter 5 Anti-Malware. It can save you lots of time and effort.

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