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Empire (.emp) Ransomware – Removal And Decryption

Empire Ransomware is the latest ransomware virus that encrypts victims’ data using .emp malicious extension preventing them from accessing their important data. If infected, all important files stored in the compromised system will be renamed. Victims will notice, .emp file extension added to the original file extension. If you have a mp4 video file named myvideo.mp4 it will be renamed to myvideo.mp4.emp after encryption. Empire Ransomware demands the ransom through a ransom note called “HOW-TO-DECRYPT.txt“.

About Empire Ransomware

Empire Ransomware is another file encryption threat that belongs to the Ransomware family. This particular malware infection is the most destructive computer virus that horrifies all Windows PC users more than anything else. It has been programmed by vicious cyber crooks to force the victims to pay money. It silently enters the targeted computer quite stealthily and automatically executes itself without even the users’ consent.

Empire Ransomware

Empire Ransomware targets victims’ important data to extort money from users. It carries a very powerful cryptographic algorithm that enables this notorious threat to encrypt all kinds of data files found on infected PCs. Empire Ransomware quickly infects all your files and makes them completely inaccessible. It is very important to Empire Ransomware at the earliest as it can permanently wipe out all important data from your hard drive.

How Does It Work

After encryption, Empire Ransomware ransomware threatens victims to pay money. It demands the ransom through a ransom note. A text file named “HOW-TO-DECRYPT.txt” will be placed in all folders containing encrypted data. The Ransom note tries to extort money from victims by blackmailing them. It threatens the victims stating the only way to restore your files is by paying the ransom money.

Ransom Note Show by Empire Ransomware

Empire welcomes you!
All your files are securely encrypted by our software.
Unfortunately, nothing will be restored without our key and decryptor.
In this regard, we suggest you buy our decryptor to recover your information.
To communicate, use the Telegram bot at this link


If the bot is unavailable, then write to the reserve email address:

There you will receive an up-to-date contact for personal communication.

Do not try to recover files yourself, they may break and we will not be able to return them, also try not to turn off your computer until decryption.
Your ID is [-]

The ransom note takes responsibility for data encryption. According to the ransom note, all your files are encrypted by Empire Ransomware software and none of your files can not be restored without the unique key and decryptor software. It asks the victims to buy the decryptor to restore encrypted files. A telegram bot link is provided on the ransom note for victims to contact the operators of Empire Ransomware. There is also a reverse email address ( mentioned on the ransom note in case if the telegram bot is not working. At the end of the ransom note, there is a warning message stating that attempts to decrypt data without the decryptor may break your files and you will never be able to access your files again.

Should I Pay Ransom Money

The researchers have found out that the decryption code provided by Empire Ransomware is unable to decrypt all files completely. Hence, if you are thinking of paying the money then you must know you will pay for nothing. Moreover, it is also proven that even after paying the ransomware leaves its payloads and harmful malicious codes in the infected system.

In simple words paying money may decrypt some of your data but it won’t be for long. Soon when hackers develop a new version of this nasty threat and create a new ransomware virus, the payloads and malicious codes left in your PC will be used again by hackers to earn more easy money. Hence, the only way to ensure the complete safety of your data is to permanently remove Empire Ransomware from your PC.

Threat Summary

Name Empire Ransomware
Type Crypto virus
Category Ransomware
File Extension .Emp File Extension
Ransom Note HOW-TO-DECRYPT.txt
Family Stop Djvu Family
Hackers Contact
Associated Trojan Trojan.Gen.MBT, WS.Malware.1
Symptoms Your files will be encrypted, you will see a ransom note,
Distribution Spam Emails, Social Engineering, Software Bundling.
Removal Download SpyHunter 5 Anti-Malware Now
Data Recovery Download Stellar Windows Data Recovery

It is simply impossible to restore your data as long as the Empire Ransomware virus makes any kind of physical presence in your computer. Even if by some luck if you manage to get back your files the threat will encrypt your files again. In some cases victims have formatted their entire disk multiple times still as soon as they store new data on their hard drive they encounter the same problem again i.e all their important files get encrypted again.

It should be your priority to get rid of Empire Ransomware at the earliest from your system before things go out of your control. You might want to use a professional malware removal tool to make sure wipe out all the payloads, malicious codes, and all the modifications made by this threat in your PC to ensure complete and permanent removal of this notorious ransomware forever.

Once, Empire Ransomware is gone for good then you can finally restore all your encrypted data. Well, data decryption can be tricky, especially for files that have been encrypted with such advanced cryptographic algorithms. Meanwhile, a good backup can save the day. In case there is no backup then it’s going be a tough ride for you. If your data is really important then in this situation we recommend you use Data Recovery Pro for safe and smooth .emp File Recovery.

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