Uninstall AweAPCP Virus From PC

AweAPCP may appear to be a regular PC accelerator software at first glance, but in reality, it’s a potentially harmful application. It gets installed on a targeted computer without user consent or awareness. It makes several changes to system and browser settings making your computer vulnerable to fatal damage. Hackers often use such disguising programs to serve malicious codes and advertisements on the infected computer.

AweAPCP is one of the most dangerous and destructive Trojan threats which is designed by cyber criminals with the sole intention of gaining access to the compromised machine. The lethal Trojan threat slips into the computer very silently and smartly manages to hide its identity behind the system background. Soon upon getting inside, AweAPCP corrupts Windows Registry Editor and injects suspicious code into the PC boot section.

AweAPCP Trojan virus

It can disable your anti-virus and firewall security due to which you will not be able to remove this infection effectively from your PC using your regular anti-virus. This causes issues when you reboot your computer and may end up resulting in an unusual shutdown of the PC. AweAPCP stops all the running application programs by disabling the task manager and starts running its evil process behind the background.

To be more clear, AweAPCP turn off the default firewall settings and stops all the security program from performing their tasks. It will brutally mess with the entire PC and completely downgrade your system performance. You will not be able to perform any single task smoothly.

Your computer will keep freezing and most of the programs will get unresponsive. Meanwhile, the dangerous infection gradually reduces the performance speed of the affected computer and several important documents and data files may get deleted completely. It can also steal your personal as well as financial details secretly.

Threat Summary
Name AweAPCP
Type Malware/Spyware
Category Trojan Horse
Short Decryption Executes different malicious tasks in the system background, opens a backdoor in the system, and shows advertisements.
Danger level Very High (Can cause serious damage in your entire PC)
Symptoms Makes your PC very slow and unresponsive, boot errors, disables important applications, data corruption, and generates a bulk of malicious files and code in the infected PC.
Distribution Methods spam email attachments, software bundling, social engineering, etc.

This notorious Trojan horse virus can share your crucial data with hackers, who can use your details for illegal activities. it can also open a backdoor on your system to make your PC an easy victim for other threats. It can also allow cyber crooks to remotely access your PC without your knowledge. Hence, it is suggested to use trusted antivirus software and remove AweAPCP as soon as it is possible to do.

These kinds of notorious malware infections are incapable of executing themselves without users’ permission. Hence, it often uses other sources to get installed in the targeted system such as downloaded with cracked versions of software and games, comes with spam emails containing malicious attachments, distributed from pornographic and torrent sites, promoted with pop-ups and commercial links, downloaded by other malware like adware, browser hijackers, etc.

Most of the time when users download a freeware program while installing users blindly accept all its terms without reading and keep hitting the next button which allows malware like AweAPCP to bundle itself with such programs. If you are also in the habit of making such a mistake then you will download and install harmful viruses on your PC without even noticing which can further result in serious system damage. To protect your system you need to take quick action and completely remove AweAPCP virus from your PC before it is too late.

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