Fraud Alert: Parcel Delivery Scam with Order Cancellation OTP

A new Parcel Delivery Scam with order cancellation OPT has surfaced recently which has caused serious chaos for the last few weeks. Many people came out and reported that they had been scammed by the parcel devilry guys and the number of victims kept growing.

Parcel Delivery Scam with Order Cancellation OTP

Online shopping-related scams are not new. With the growing popularity of online shopping, hackers often come up with different scam schemes to earn illegal profits by fooling innocent people (delivering soaps and bricks instead of smartphones). However, this time hackers came up with a unique and ingenious idea to steal people’s money parcel delivery scam with order cancellation OPT.

Parcel Delivery Scam with Order Cancellation OTP

With this new parcel delivery scam via order cancellation OPT users won’t get any fake, damaged, or useless products. This time hackers have found a way to directly clean your bank account. Yes, you read it right, hackers have found a way to steal your entire bank balance using parcel delivery scam with order cancellation OPT.

What is Parcel Delivery Scam

According to several reports, victims stated that they were delivered a product that they never ordered. When they tried to cancel the order, the delivery guy cleaned their entire bank account using a parcel delivery scam with order cancellation OPT.

A deeper analysis showed that the whole thing was well-planned and executed by scammers. With this new scam scheme, a delivery guy will call your phone number, saying your product is ready to deliver. By the time you are talking to the delivery guy, they are right outside your door.

The delivery guy will claim that the online product you ordered has reached your destination, and request you to receive the product. However, when victims say that they didn’t order anything, the delivery guy will continue to call them or knock on their doors.

Delivery guy will insist you receive the product and even beg you saying if you don’t receive it, they won’t get paid. When victims said they never ordered any such parcel, hackers provided them their phone number, the name of the owner of that number along with their exact address and a fake order number.

All these correct details confuse the victims. Many people unaware of what’s going on think that it might be a mistake that they might have placed the order by mistake. It’s not that hard to believe since most of us do shop online quite often.

Furthermore, the scammer claims that this product was ordered with a COD (Cash on Delivery) payment method. Now this is the genius part. Since people have to pay for the product (something that they didn’t order) to receive it, they simply refuse to receive the product.

When users refuse to receive the order, the scammers will say they can just cancel the order. They would insist you to at least cancel the order so they will get paid. With pity and guilt, many people agree to cancel the order.

Once you agree to cancel the order, the delivery guy will offer you to cancel the order directly for you from their end. They will say you will get a OTP (One Time Password) to confirm. Soon enough you will get an order cancellation OTP from the site they earlier claim your product was delivered.

The OTP will look quite genuine, but as soon as you give this OTP to the delivery guy they will immediately withdraw all the money from your bank account. Before you know you have lost your entire balance with just one OTP.

How Does Parcel Delivery Scam Work

Well, it’s quite simple, when the OTP you gave to the delivery guy is not an order cancellation OTP. It’s an online money transfer OTP. As soon as scammers get the OTP they simply transfer all the available balance from your account to their own.

Connecting your phone number to your bank account make thing much easier for you, especially when it comes to using UPI (Unified Payments Interface). With your phone number connected to your bank account, you can easily use any online payment app or e-wallet like (Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Paytm), etc., and go cashless. It is a privilege.

UPI has made life easier for us, now we don’t have to stand in line at ATMs or carry too much cash, or wait for banks to clear cheques. As long as you have your smartphone and Internet you can easily transfer money, and buy things.

However, every technology has its drawbacks. With these apps, all the scammer needs now is just one OTP to clean your entire bank account. Since adding phone numbers, UIDs, and PAN card to your bank account have become a necessity, scammers can just use one such UPI app to transfer money from your bank account. As long as they enter the correct OTP, easily transfer all the money you have in your bank account and it is simply impossible to trace them back.

Not only common people even a few well-known celebrities have admitted to having been scammed with parcel delivery scams.

Well, it’s very necessary to be careful while sharing your personal information online. This information can be used by scammers to scam you. You can never be too careful. Never share any OTP with anyone.

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