Kyivstar Hack: Russian Hackers Had Access to Ukraine’s Telecom Giant for Months

Last month, Ukraine’s largest mobile operator suffered a massive cyber attack. The Kyivstar hack was carried out on such a large scale that it disrupted an air raid warning service and banking transactions. Further inquiry revealed that the Russian hackers had broken into the telecom system months ago.

“According to Ukraine’s cyber spy chief, the Kyivstar hack should serve as a warning to the West that no one is untouchable.”

About Kyivstar Hack

On December 12th, Russian hackers attacked Ukraine’s telecoms giant Kyivstar. Further reports show that this hack was carried out by the Russian hacking group Sandworm. Reportedly the hackers were inside the Kyivstar system for months more than 6 months.

This attack completely knocked out the mobile network operator completely offline, restricting millions of users from accessing the internet and calls. The incident caused big panic. As we all know Ukraine is fighting a full-fledged war.

Kyivstar hack

Soon after the attack, the hacking group Solntsepyok took complete responsibility for the attack. It has been determined that Solntsepyok is a Russian threat organization connected to the Sandworm allegedly affiliated with the Russian Federation General Staff of the Armed Forces (GRU).

Fresh details about the attack were revealed by Illia Vitiuk the Cyber Chief for the security service of Ukraine. In an exclusive interview, Illia Vitiuk claimed this attack was Russia’s full-scale assault on Ukraine on the cyber front. Here is what he talked about in this attack.

What Cyber Chief for the security service of Ukraine Said About Kyivstar hack

While talking to reporters, Cyber Security Chief Illia Vitiuk emphasized how massive this attack is. He urges that this attack is not only on Ukraine but also is a big warning for the entire world, the Western world. He further mentioned that if a wealthy private company like Kyivstar which invests a whole sum of money for its cybersecurity can be assaulted by cybercriminals like this, then what else is safe?

A deeper investigation revealed that the hackers attempted to inflitrate Kyivsta telecom system earlier in March. As of now, it can not be determined for how long the hackers were inside the system.

Impact of The Attack

The Ukrainian president was in a press for military aid in Washington when the attack started. People affected by the attack started rushing to purchase SIM cards from other Network Providers. This attack caused more panic since Ukraine is under attack, fighting a war with Russia, and in such a situation, you can’t even call an ambulance, and can’t contact your loved ones.

Ukrainian authorities estimated that the hackers might have been able to steal personal information, track down phones’ geographical location, intercept messages, and even take over Telegram accounts. Although the attack had very little impact on the armed forces. Investigators are still trying to find out how the break-in occurred and looking into all possibilities.

Well, there is the possibility of the Trojan horse, the inside assistance to the hackers. Investigators are keeping their minds open to treason as a possibility as well. However, as of now, all possibilities are premature as there is no solid evidence found yet.

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