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Get Rid of InterfaceBrowser Virus From Mac

What Is InterfaceBrowser Mac OS X Virus?

InterfaceBrowser is a nasty adware infection specially designed for Mac OS X machines. Well, we all know Mac OS X machines are highly sophisticated and secure computing systems. Mac computers are mostly known for its amazing malware resistance capabilities. However, every now and then hackers still find ways to drop severe malware infection even in Mac OS X machines.

InterfaceBrowser Mac Virus is one such malicious threat that can bypass your system security measures and infect your browser. This cunning adware infection has been programmed in such a way that it will take complete control over your web browsers like Safari, Chrome, Camino, Firefox, iCab, Opera, OmniWeb, etc., and may even manipulate your browsing activities in order to generate quick revenue for the hackers. It is very important to delete InterfaceBrowser Adware infection as soon as it is detected in your Mac machine in order to prevent any kind of severe damage.


How Does It Work?

InterfaceBrowser Mac virus is one most annoying malware infections. It makes several changes in your web browser settings and starts promoting various fake yet tempting ads and pop-ups on your browsing screen. Due to this notorious adware infection users will frequently encounter numerous coupon codes, amazing online shopping deals, banners, pop-up warnings, etc. while browsing the Internet. Users must know that all these ads and pop-ups generated by InterfaceBrowser Adware infection are completely fake.

What’s more, in order to get your attention it even monitors your online activities and presents ads according to your likes and interests. The sole motive of InterfaceBrowser virus is to promote sponsored links and earn illegal profit for its creators. Well, clicking these ads, and links promoted InterfaceBrowser adware infection will not only redirect you to phishing sites but could also result in serious online scams.

Once, InterfaceBrowser virus infects your Mac system, it will immediately start various malicious activities in your Mac machine. It uses high CPU resources, hence users will notice sudden system slowdown. It will make several changes in crucial system settings, corrupt important applications, and so on.

Threat Summary

Threat Name InterfaceBrowser Mac Virus
Malware Type Malware, Online Threat, Browser Infection
Category Adware
Danger level Very High (Show unwanted pop-up and redirect browser on malicious websites. and download other harmful malware in your Mac)
Symptoms Show unwanted ads, generate fake Pop-ups, and mislead victims to phishing sites.
Distribution  spam email attachments, software bundling, social engineering, etc., malicious links, unsafe websites.

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InterfaceBrowser Mac Virus can cause severe damage to your Mac machine. InterfaceBrowser Mac virus also monitors your online activities and records your keystrokes like login credentials, online money transfer reports, bank account numbers, browsing history, etc. which can be misused by hackers.

The worst thing about InterfaceBrowser Adware infection is that it will disable all kinds of security measures in your computing machine which and put your system at great risk. Due to this nasty malware infection, your system will become an easy target for other harmful and devastating threats. Therefore it is recommended that users uninstall InterfaceBrowser Mac Virus as soon as it is detected in your system.

How InterfaceBrowser Virus Infected My Mac?

Well, we all know that Mac OS X is probably the safest computing machine now. However, there are various deceptive methods that can be used by hackers in order to infect your system with threats like InterfaceBrowser Virus. Well, one of the most common methods is software bundling. Well, hackers upload various free or cracked software on the internet on various unofficial sites, but these free or cracked software are bundled with nasty malware.

When users download such free software, they also download the malware attached to free software, and while installing such freeware the malware gets installed in your Mac system. There are other methods too which can be used by InterfaceBrowser Mac Virus in order to infect your Mac like clicking unknown links, visiting phishing websites, opening spam emails, using public wifi, etc.

Remove InterfaceBrowser From Mac OS X

Usually, the Mac system is known for its profound security protocol and is considered the safest computing machine. However, every now and then hackers come with such cunning malicious threats that somehow manage to breach even the Mac system. InterfaceBrowser is a critical Mac virus that exposes your system to great risk.

You need to remove this notorious threat immediately from the infected system. It can cause various catastrophic effects on your Mac system. It can modify crucial system settings, steal confidential information, and cause permanent data loss situations. If your system is infected then you have two options to remove InterfaceBrowser, 1st Automatic removal and 2nd Manual removal.

Here we provide you with a complete step-by-step guide to remove this threat with both possible methods i.e., Automatic as well as Manual. However, users should know that manual options could be risky and very time-consuming. It is often seen that the manual option fails to remove severe malware completely from infected Mac. Threats like InterfaceBrowser are quite good at hiding itself.

This malware duplicates itself and spreads its copies in a different part of your system with different names, which make it simply impossible for victims to detect and remove all malicious codes. Hence, we suggest our readers use Combo Cleaner Mac Antivirus Tool in order to detect and remove InterfaceBrowser thoroughly from infected Mac.

Option A : Remove InterfaceBrowser Automatically (Recommended)

If you want to remove InterfaceBrowser safely and completely from your Mac system then you should use Combo Cleaner Mac Antivirus Tool. It will detect and remove all malicious files, registry keys, hidden files and programs, shortcuts, etc. associated with malware and it is once and all for all.

Combo Cleaner Mac Malware Removal Tool is one of the most trusted anti-malware tools which is capable of removing all kinds of nasty threats like Ransomware, Trojan, Adware, Redirect Viruses, Browser Hijackers, Scam Pop-up, RATs, Toolkits, Malicious Browser Extension, etc. It is a quick, effective, and very easy-to-use tool.

Moreover, it provides real-time protection for your Mac machine and also updates its malware database on a regular basis. The best thing about this excellent utility is that you won’t need any special technical expertise in order to remove InterfaceBrowser with the Combo Cleaner Mac Antivirus Tool.

  • Click on the below button to download Combo Cleaner Mac Antivirus Tool.

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  • Drag the Combo Cleaner app to the Applications folder and install it.

Install Combo Cleaner

  • Go to Antivirus tab, choose Scan Mode and press Start Scan button.

Start Scan

  • The software will scan your Mac for all malware, click on the Remove All Threats button to remove InterfaceBrowser.

Remove InterfaceBrowser

Option B: Remove InterfaceBrowser Manually

Warning Please Read

Important Note:- Removing Malware manually requires vast technical skill and intense knowledge about the malware including its associate file name. Manual Removal needs various lengthy processes. Even a small mistake can cause severe damage to your Mac so need to be extra careful. It would be sensible to bookmark this page before starting the removal process as you might need to restart your Mac system and browser several times in order to complete the manual removal process.

Beware! For the safety of your Mac computer, you should confirm the following points before starting the manual removal of InterfaceBrowser.

Good technical skills and previous malware removal experience.
You need to be familiar with the entire Mac system process and its applications.
Make sure you have all the information regarding Launch demons, browsers, and other system preferences.
You should be able to recognize your mistake and undo any damages.

In case you have any doubts or if you are unable to fulfill any criteria then you should take the help of Combo Cleaner Mac Antivirus Tool in order to ensure safe and complete removal of InterfaceBrowser.

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If you wish to continue with the manual method close all running applications and follow the below instructions carefully. The manual method will require multiple system restarts, hence before starting the removal process you should bookmark this page so you can easily access further information without any hassle.

Step 1 – Stop Malicious Programs from Activity Monitor

  • Open the Utilities folder on your Mac system.

Mac Utilities

  • Locate and open the Activity Monitor icon.

Activity Monitor

  • Select all malicious or suspicious processes related to InterfaceBrowser virus and end all malicious tasks by clicking on the cross button from the upper left-side corner.

Find InterfaceBrowser

  • If a confirmation pop-up dialogue box appears, click on the Force Quit option.

Force Quit InterfaceBrowser

Step 2 : Remove InterfaceBrowser From Mac Applications

  • Go to your DOCK and click Finder application.


  • Click on “Applications“ to see the app installed on your device.

Mac Applications

  • Find all malicious apps including InterfaceBrowser. Make right-click it, and then click “Move to Trash”.

Trash InterfaceBrowser

  • Go to your trash icon and select “Empty Trash”.

Empty Trash

Step 3 : Remove Malicious Preferences

  • Go to System Preferences and click on the Profiles option.

  •  Select “AdminPrefs“ and click the remove “–” button to remove all InterfaceBrowser viruses.

Step 4: Remove Unwanted Widgets

  • Open the menu bar on your Mac.
  • Look for all unwanted or unknown icons.
  • Right-click on it, and then select “Shut down”.
  • Go to Finder, choose Go to Folder, and type in /Users/Shared/
  • Delete the InterfaceBrowser files and folders.

Step 5 : Remove InterfaceBrowser From LaunchAgents

  • Open Go To Folder by pressing Command+Shift+G buttons together on your keyboard.


  • Type /Library/LaunchAgents in the text field and click on the Go button to open LaunchAgents folder


  • When the directory opens, find and remove any entry related to InterfaceBrowser virus infection.Remove InterfaceBrowser

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Step 6 : Remove InterfaceBrowser From Application Support

  • Press Command+Shift+G buttons together on your keyboard to open Go To Folder.


  • Type /Library/Application Support in the text field, and click on the Go button to open the Application Support folder.

Application Support folder

  • Find and delete any entry related to InterfaceBrowser virus from the directory.

Delete InterfaceBrowser

Step 7: Remove InterfaceBrowser From LaunchDaemons

  • Open Go To Folder by pressing Command+Shift+G keys together on your keyboard.


  • Type /Library/LaunchDaemons in the text field and click Go button to open LaunchDaemons folder.


  • Find and remove any entry related to InterfaceBrowser virus from the Directory.

Remove InterfaceBrowser

Step 8: Remove InterfaceBrowser From Browsers

Google ChromeGoogle ChromeMozilla Extension

Remove InterfaceBrowser From Safari Extension

  • Open Safari browser on your Mac.
  • Go to Menu and select “Preferences”.
  • Go to the “Extensions” tab to see all the installed extensions.
  • Select and remove any InterfaceBrowser related malicious program completely.

Reset Safari To Default

  • Open “Safari” browser again.
  • Click on the “Safari” menu and select the “Reset Safari” option.
  • Select the preferred options you want to clear.
  • Finally, click on the Reset button.

Reset Safari

Change Your Safari Homepage

  • Click on Safari Menu and open “Preferences” window
  • Select the “General” tab.
  • Type your preferred website URL (for example: in the Homepage field.
  • Now click on “Set to Current Page” button to change the homepage.

Change Safari homepage

Change Your Default Search Engine

  • Launch Safari and click on Menu.
  • Open the “Preferences” window and select the “Search” tab.
  • Select your preferred Search Engine from drop-down menu.

Change Default Search Engine

Remove InterfaceBrowser From Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome browser on your Mac.
  • Click on “Menu” button and select “More tools” Option.
  • Click on Extensions option to find all installed extensions.
  • Select all InterfaceBrowser related malicious extensions
  • Click the “trash can” icon to delete the malicious extensions.

Reset Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome click “menu” icon
  • Select “Settings” option, scroll down and click “Show Advanced settings” option.
  • Click on “Reset Settings” button from the bottom of the page.

Reset Chrome Settings

Google Chrome – Dangerous Sites Protection

  • First of all open Chrome browser on your Mac.
  • Type “chrome://settings” in your browser’s url bar and press Enter.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click “Show advanced settings” option.
  • Check ‘Protect you and your device from dangerous sites’ in Privacy section.

Remove InterfaceBrowser

Remove InterfaceBrowser From Mozilla Extension

  • Open Mozilla Firefox click on “Menu” icon select Add-ons.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Find and remove InterfaceBrowser virus or any other malicious extension from Firefox.

Delete InterfaceBrowser

Reset Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefoxand click on “Menu” icon then select (?) icon.
  • Select “Troubleshooting Information” option.
  • Click on “Refresh Firefox” Confirm to Refresh Firefox if the confirmation window appears.

Reset Firefox

Mozilla Firefox – Block Attack Sites and Web Forgeries

  • Open Mozilla Firefox on your Mac.
  • Click on Menu and select Options from the list.
  • Select Security and tick the check box for the following items:

InterfaceBrowser Removal

Warn me when sites try to install add-ons
Block reported attack sites
Block reported web forgeries

Preventive Measures To Avoid InterfaceBrowser in Future

Always keep an updated anti-virus program and scan your Mac regularly.
Avoid visiting malicious or porn websites on your Mac.
Do not download free programs from unreliable websites.
Never download cracked software, themes or games etc.
Avoid clicking on any misleading ads or pop-ups that flash on your browser.
Keep your Mac OS X and all the update all the other software regularly.
Use Time Machine and create system backup on a regular basis.
Create and maintain regular backups of all your important data.

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