American Express – Disputed Payment Received Email Scam

If your got an email regarding disputed payment from American Express then be warned. American Express – Disputed Payment Received is a fake email created by hackers in order to scam innocent users. This email has not been officially sent from American Express, and opening this email will mislead you to phishing websites. It is best just ignore and delete American Express – Disputed Payment Received email.

About American Express – Disputed Payment Received

American Express – Disputed Payment Received is a hideous malware infection that represents the Trojan virus. There are all types of viruses and malware lurking on the Internet and if you are careful every time you go browsing online you might end up downloading some nasty infection on your PC.

Most of malicious website carry harmful codes that automatically get downloaded on your system and bring more viruses. In this guide we are focusing on remove this particular email Trojan virus that has secretly got installed on your system and claim to hacked your emails and other services.

This nasty American Express – Disputed Payment Received email Trojan virus is only aimed to cheat innocent users and force them pay illegal extortion fees. It says that you have downloaded some kind of Trojan malware while you were watching porn and this malware has took control over your webcam.

It has recorded some of your footage and threatens to share that collective video footage to all your friends and colleagues unless you pay them a certain amount through BitCoin. This perilous threat is only intended to cheat your money and all these claims are completely fake and baseless. If you allow this American Express – Disputed Payment Received email virus to stay on your system for a long time then it surely can do lots of damage.

Threat Summary

Name XSSLite
Type Fake Email Scam 
Category Email Virus, Online Scam, Email Trojan
Description It is a spam email sent by hackers, once opened it will download severe malware like Ransomware, Trojan in your PC.
Distribution Email attached with micro documents carrying malicious codes.
Danger Laval Extremely Dangerous (Disable anti-malware and other security measures)
Removal Download SpyHunter 5 Anti-Malware Now

American Express – Disputed Payment Received: Working Method

If you got an anonymous email that is blackmailing you to pay ransom amount otherwise it would leak your masturbation video then it is quite normal that you will get scared. But think for a moment that if this American Express – Disputed Payment Received virus had your video, it could also have send you a small clip or even some of the screenshots.

It is just trying to scare you and while you will search for option then it will keep doing its malicious work on your computer. It may track your online activities and your browsing history to collect your personal information. This nasty American Express – Disputed Payment Received virus can also steal your financial information without your knowledge.

It could also bring other threats and viruses on your system by using malicious scripts. So it could be very dangerous to ignore this infection. You should be grateful that due to this fake email scam now you know that your computer is compromised and you can remove all hidden threats using a powerful malware removal tool.

American Express - Disputed Payment Received

Is It Dangerous?

American Express – Disputed Payment Received is just like any other Trojan virus which is used to scam people for money through. It is also known BitCoin email scam virus because it ask victims to pay money to a bitcoin wallet. These type of malware normally spread through malicious website that contain harmful codes.

When you browse porn or torrent site then there is high chance that your computer will get infected by this virus. Apart from this, other malvertising methods like spam emails, bundled software, misleading ads, forced browser redirection, cracked software etc. could also bring this threat on your system.

Once your PC will get infected by American Express – Disputed Payment Received, it will disable your security related programs due to which you cannot find this infection using your regular anti-virus. It can also create new registry entries and spread its copies at different locations that can make its removal a bit much harder than usual.

Once your computer is compromised by this type of harmful infection, there could be enormous damage. This perilous malware can bring more viruses on your system, block legitimate applications, redirect your browser and show unwanted ads.

It can also track your activities, gather your keystrokes and collect your sensitive information. It can share your personal details with hackers for using in illegal activities. There is also a big chance of identity theft and bank fraud which could put in some serious problems. Therefore, it is advised to get rid of American Express – Disputed Payment Received virus completely as soon as possible.

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